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A new play by Sholeh Wolpé   (adapted from Attar's epic poem)
     Directed by Giulio Cesare Perrone

World Premier:   Ubuntu Theater Project
                             Oakland, California
                             Nov. 30-Dec. 16, 2018    

In a Kingdom with no ruler, ten thousand birds set out to find a King none have ever seen. Led by the wise Hoope, the birds journey through dangers, distractions and difficulties, their Conference growing smaller each day. 

Adapted from the celebrated Sufi poem, this lyrical parable is a timeless reflection on the search for meaning on a journey toward something larger than ourselves.

"Philosophical, poetical and richly theatrical"  – Sam Hurwitt, Mercury News

“Moving, entertaining... breathtakingly magical” —Theatrius 

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A  tragicomedy about secrets, and the “cost” of happiness.

The greatest number of human rights violations worldwide has been and are committed against women and girls. “Honor” and “shame” play a major part in many of these atrocities. Sholeh herself comes from a culture affected by the central question posed in “Shame”: what is the cost of happiness and personal freedom? And are we willing to pay it if we are able to do so?

“Sholeh Wolpé’s storytelling and theatricality is spot on. With realistic modern dialogue honed skillfully to each character and a poetic flow with perfect hills and valleys, her play shines.”

     –Mikaela Kafka, director


“I like theatre that provokes questions about the way we choose to live and the assumptions we use to guide our behavior. How do we know what the right thing to do is? And what are the consequences of decisions made long ago? Sholeh Wolpé ‘s SHAME complicates the equation by adding cultural and religious differences into the mix. It is a timely debate happening now around the world. How much of a role should religion play in governing how people live? And how much room must we allow for differences in culture?”

—Marc Weitz, producing director, New Ohio Theater, NYC


2017  Centenary Stage, NJ   Women Playwright Series — 2017 selection

2016   Ashland New Plays Festival, finalist

2016   Eugene O’Niell National Playwrights Conference, semifinalist


Staged Readings of SHAME:

Women Playwrights Series at Centenary Stage,  New Jersey,  April 12, 2017 — Staged reading of SHAME, by Sholeh Wolpé, featuring: Jessica Angleskhan, Gamze Ceylan, Peter Evangelista, Nora Armani, Matthew Lawler, and Marianne Murray. Directed by Mikaela Kafka, produced by Catherine Rust.

— New Ohio Theater, New York City, March 17, 2015– Staged reading of SHAME by Sholeh Wolpé, featuring: Rasha Zamamiri, Kathryn Kates, Constance Zaytoun, Eric T Miller, and Sondra Ward. Directed by Caryn West, produced by Marc Weitz.

— The Marilyn Monroe Theater at The Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute, West Hollywood, January 70, 2013–Staged reading of SHAME by Sholeh Wolpé    Featuring:  Necar Zadegan   (Bengal Tiger in Baghdad Zoo, Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, Extant, Rake, 24, The Event); Nicholas Guilak (Saving Jessica Lynch, Homeland Security, Retiribution, Of Gods and Kings); Shila Vosough  Ommi (The First Family. Susan Miller, Liberation, Love Francesca, Starwatch); Glenn Davis   (Bengal Tiger in Baghdad Zoo, 24, The Unit); and Caryn West (Grey’s Anatomy, Vanya&Sonia&Masha&Spike at New York’s Harford Theater.) Directed by : Caryn West

— Open Fist Theater, Los Angeles, October 24, 2007– Staged reading of SHAME by Sholeh Wolpé, featuring: Navid Negahban (American Sniper, Homeland, 24, Stoning Soraya), Naz Deravian (Brothes & Sisters, The Unit, Weeds, Daybreak), Sarah Ripard (Bombay Dream on Broadway), Drew Wicks (Mad Men, What About Brian, Passions, Scrubs), Karah Gita Michaels. Directed by Navid Negahban